From your Clerk

  • NOTE:  Mastodon Township is in the process of creating a database for all taxpayers who wish to receive vouchers for garbage disposal.  If you have not received a voucher and would like to be added to the list, please notify the Township Clerk. Your name and address will be permanently added to the list for future years disbursement of garbage vouchers.


From your Treasurer


Just click below button (view and pay your taxes here) and you will be directed to  


Just click on below (view and pay your taxes here) button.  You will be directed to,

You can just click on Current Tax Payments to the left of screen.  


Hope this is a convenience for some.

There is 3% CREDIT CARD charge due to for using their services for payment.  

There is a 3.00 charge for an ECHECK no matter what amount you pay.

There is NO charge to register and view your own property information


Treasurer and Tax Collection 

  • Receives and takes charge of all funds belonging to the Township or which are required by law to be paid into the Township treasury
  • Accounts for all funds according to law or Township board decisions
  • Reports monthly to the Township board concerning all Township funds
  • Maintains accurate records of all income, receipts, and disbursements
  • Agent for billing and collecting ad valorem and personal property summer and winter property taxes
  • Disburses collections as mandated
  • Settles with the County Treasurer each tax year
  • Collects delinquent personal property taxes
  • Promptly deposits all receipts in the Township depositories
  • Keep an accurate accounting for each Township fund so that he or she can accurately report on the status of those funds
  • Invests idle funds with lawful investment vehicles
  • Maintains a uniform system of accounting as stated by the State Treasurer
  • Township board member
  • Appoints a deputy and trains him or her to perform all duties of the Treasurer, with the exception of voting on the Township board


Payment Dates to Avoid Penalties

Summer taxes are due on July 1 and payable through September 14 without penalty or interest. Beginning September 15 a 1% interest penalty will be added. Add an additional 1% interest for each calendar month thereafter on the unpaid tax balance.


Winter taxes are due on December 1 and payable through February 28, of the following year, without penalty or interest before they are turned delinquent to the County Treasurer.

After February 28, all delinquent winter and summer taxes are to be sent to the Iron County Treasurer for collection.

You will have to contact that office for the penalties and late fees (906/875-3362).

Failure to receive a tax bill does not waive penalty or interest. Payment can be made by check or cash. Credit/debit cards/echecks are accepted through this website.


Deferral of Summer Taxes 

The law provides for a Principal Residence, whose gross household income for the preceding calendar year did not exceed $40,000 AND you must qualify for Deferment provided for in the General Property Tax Act under at least one of the following classifications:

  • 62 years of age or older
  • Paraplegic, hemiplegic, or quadriplegic
  • Eligible serviceperson, eligible veteran, eligible widow or widower
  • Blind person
  • Totally and permanently disabled

You can access the Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes and the 2012 Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit forms by sending treasurer a request from the notices page. They are also available in the Treasurer’s office. You may fill out these forms and return them to the Treasurer’s office by June 1 or November 1.. The Treasurer may also be able to assist you by working out a payment plan. The earlier you come in affords us the opportunity to come up with a better plan to suit your situation.


Taxes Paid by Mortgage Company

If your mortgage company has recently changed, please ask them to send a request in writing requesting your tax statement.





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